Monday, November 3, 2008

It's all a Matter of Perspective

I was enjoying another sunny warm day in the backyard watching the birds and squirrels. I had put bird houses up on the back of the house and each season several of them would have a nest of sparrows. Now I know that sparrows aren't indigenous to North America but let's face it, they are here to stay. I think by now they've earned their spot. And I discovered you can learn a lot from the lowly sparrow.

I was reading and relaxing when all of a sudden a huge uproar broke out among the sparrows. They were squabbling and carrying on in a very fierce battle. I thought, what on earth is bothering them so much that they would make all this noise and complaining. It wasn't the 'cat in the yard' type of squabble, but something else entirely. To resolve my curiosity I got up to go have a look. There on the patio stones were two sparrows and they were telling each other off in what I would guess to be sparrow swear language. It was world war three and they were fighting over something that they valued very highly and they both wanted. Only the strongest and fiercest sparrow would gain the prize.

On the ground was the object of their adoration, the object worth fighting and risking injury to obtain, the object that any self respecting sparrow had to have. What was it? A dirty Kleenex.

Of course I just have to make a human comparison over the things that we prize so very highly that we want to fight over them--to the death! I'm sure God watches us and shakes His head just like I did at the two sparrows, thinking that maybe they just needed a little perspective to help them see better.

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