Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cat Bed

I read in one of my weaving books that you should loosen the tension on the warp when not weaving. So I did.

I read that sometimes cats would find the weaving project a nice place for a nap.

So I covered it with the weaving shuttles.

The cat just shoved them aside.

I surmised that the warp wasn't loose enough and that if I make it really loose that the cat would find it too unsteady to sleep on.

I was wrong.

I had created a beautiful and very comfy hammock.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Strawberries & Cream or Pink Fluff?

Maybe candy floss would be a more appropriate name to describe this celebration of the colour pink.
This is my latest weaving project and my second to put on the loom.
The photo is of the warping mill. It came with the loom (used) that I bought a few months ago.
It's a very simple system that helps when making a warp. It keeps all the yarns from getting snarled and helps to measure the length of each strand.
Once the yarn is tied on, the mill is turned around and around, something like a windmill, with an easy flick of the hand. My shoulder joints certainly like that idea.

The plan is to make 3 shawls one for myself, the others for my mother and sister.
Currently I'm in the process of "dressing" the loom (stringing it) which I'm fitting into the evenings in between various other chores.
When I'm not working on it though I have to tuck all the ends in and cover them to keep the cats from playing with this lovely bit of string.
This spring has proven to be especially busy with work, hobby beekeeping and gardening. I'm really wishing there were more hours in the day so I could do more. An energy boost wouldn't go astray either!
All are doing well, cats and Jeremy squirrel. He's living in his home made house which he really likes.