Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cat Bed

I read in one of my weaving books that you should loosen the tension on the warp when not weaving. So I did.

I read that sometimes cats would find the weaving project a nice place for a nap.

So I covered it with the weaving shuttles.

The cat just shoved them aside.

I surmised that the warp wasn't loose enough and that if I make it really loose that the cat would find it too unsteady to sleep on.

I was wrong.

I had created a beautiful and very comfy hammock.


Kat said...

I like seeing your weaving photos. That pink is coming along well. Cats! They sure can find the perfect perch!

Shirley Goodwin said...

I had a cat that wouls climb up the clothes drying frame and sleep on clothes hanging in front of the fire.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, and glad you're enjoying my travels.

Philip said...

these photos are good and cats find a nice place to nap .for cats care and proper sleep there should be proper cat bed
for the cats

Philip said...

cat beds use .i surely wanna do this for my have shared nice photos which gives me so much new ideas..

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your photos. I was actually searching the WEB for intructions on how to weave and felt a cat bed (kind of like the ones at Katzenhole), but you made my day!

Beekeeper Barbara said...

Anomymous: Hello. Thanks for your comment. I bought weaving books and even took a course but what really showed me how to weave is the DVD from Interweave called Warping Your Loom. It's currently on sale at:

I very highly recommend it. Unlike a class you can play this back over and over again. It totally refined my weaving and showed me things I hadn't learned in class.

cat food said...

Use the marker to trace the pattern on to the fabric and cut it out. Use the pattern and repeat this with more fabric.

dog food said...

Place each piece of fabric side by side with the dull side facing up. Bring the edges together 1/2-inch and tape. Sew them together.

Tiggeriffic said...

What a beautiful cat.. When I was quilting , my cat liked to sleep on my quilt while it was in the frame.. It made a great place for her to nap.. It's been awhile since I have been quilting but with cold weather coming it beckons me to the sewing room
Have a great day and I love the Pink weaving project you are weaving.
have a great day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Misrabia69 said...

I am such a fiber girl! I quilt and weave. And working those in with a full time job and my crazy love for cooking and canning is, well….crazy! Those cozy’s look like love handles and I think I will do some weaving and felting instead of knitting. Thanks for sharing.
Cccam Server

pet said...

I will gift cat beds for my small cat.

Laraib Malik said...

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