Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Crazy Idea: Vitamin tablet

This idea has been rolling around inside my head for a while and so I'm releasing it on the universe. After all, I need to free up some space in my brain for other more important thoughts.

I'm sure you're familiar with those little sticky labels they put on our fruit and vegetables? How many of them have you accidentally eaten? Maybe I'm the only person who does the lazy rinse under the running water. I do try to turn the fruit around and get the whole thing washed but I admit I am a 'you must eat a peck of dirt before you die person'. So it's no surprise that frequently when I'm eating my apple I look down and see ... Remember that saying, "What's worse than seeing a worm in your apple?" The answer, "half a worm." Well, I keep looking down at my apple and seeing half an inspection label.

The glue isn't water soluble which would solve my problem but I guess it'd wash off too easily for the inspection people.

For the longest time I gave up and thought, oh just eat the silly label and stop complaining. Then I had an idea. Why not make this label even more useful. If they put vitamins in it then at least there'd be some benefit to eating it because I'm always forgetting to take my daily multivitamin.

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