Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fuller Kitty

Now what you might ask is a Fuller Kittie?
That, my dear reader is a term I've applied to this cat.

His name is Whiz. He's a foster cat with the local non profit animal rescue group I volunteer with called Animalert (
His name was Little Whiz but he's grown now and is just over a year old. He's a little sweetie that loves to play.
But occasionally we have had a little bit of a conflict.... over fibre.

Whiz loves fibre. He loves all the usual cat toys but his preference is string.
I had attempted to do a tiny bit of knitting last night - knitting Continental so left hand doing the motion and right hand just holding.
Thank God I could knit a little. It calms my soul.

So I set the knitting down because I got distracted by Vogue Knitting's latest issue - a gorgeous circular shawl.
I saw Whiz out of the corner of my eye but for some reason my warn-o-meter didn't got off.
I guess I thought this roving was somehow special, that Whiz would recognize it's importance to me.

When I looked up he had it strung out on the floor and HORRORS had chewed the yarn in half--This my 'nearly lace weight' home spun alpaca roving. The nerve of this cat not to just settle for getting it all gummy with spit, but to actually do some real damage.

I didn't need to discipline because my scream scared him off ;)

A while ago I noticed how this fine spun sheep's wool that I had left resting on my--okay what do you call this thingie? It's not a nitty-noddie....
It's an antique that I inherited from my grandfather but I've put it into active use (he'd be happy about that).
Anyways, I noticed how this yarn which was very tightly spun was somehow getting softer and fuzzier.
It seemed to be growing more and more fuzz each day. I hadn't done the 'fulling' process on this yarn yet. I wrote about fulling a couple weeks ago - see it at

Then I came home to find several broken strands and I knew a little fibre monster had been playing with it.
The cat had in fact irritated and teased the yarn so much that he fulled it, fluffing out its fibres and softening the yarn.

By the way, is anyone looking for a cat to adopt?


Lynn said...

What can I say - CATS!! Gotta love 'em. Hope your arm is better soon.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Girl, my cat saw on the History Channel where cats USED to be worshipped in Egypt and thinks shes now Cleopatra or something.
I love her anyway though......awww :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl