Friday, July 17, 2009

Night Time Visitor

It was not a dark and stormy night, but I had a lamp on in one of the spare rooms with the screen window open.

I was trying to catch any cool breezes to lower the temperature in the house.

The light usually attracts small moths which the cats like to chase from the other side of the screen but on this night I saw a large shadow hanging on the screen.

Of course I had to go outside to have a look.

A lovely Polyphemus Moth lay hanging on the screen - attracted by my light pollution.
Notice the lovely rose coloured markings on the wings. I did pick it up but was careful not to touch the wings.
After a few photos I put the moth back and then went inside to turn off the lamp. The light was distracting the moth from its real search, for a mate.


Kat said...

Great photo! At first I thought it was a bat!! Don't you just love those golden photo opportunities?

Lynn said...

That's a great photo for Halloween! Your cat is beautiful. I have a new kitty I rescued from the woods last week. I'll post her story soon.

PhilipH said...

A beautiful creature this moth. So are the butterflies that are now very busy in the gardens.

I sometimes just sit and watch the butterflies, bees and other insects foraging busily amongst the flowers and shrubs.

I wonder if colour attracts certain species; I seem to think that the colour blue is most popular - but I'm probably wrong.

Kat said...

Thank you for all your comments, makes me feel important to know someone is reading what I write. Isn't blogging the best? Just think, I wouln't "know" you!! It is fun learning about everyday lives of everyday people for all over the country.

Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

Yes, bees are attracted by colours. I know that bumble bees like blue but I'm not sure if honey bees like that colour too. Flowers definately colour themselves to attract the bees - all the better for their symbiotic relationship.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Just beautiful. Great shot too!

Barry said...

Now that's a MOTH! What a great series of photos!

Jan Mader said...

I thought it was a bat too. What an amazing photo! I never seem to have a camera handy when the moment is right. I'm going to have to do better!