Sunday, February 14, 2010

Alpacas & Ducks

Last year's babies are still with their mom's at the Ziraldo's alpaca farm.

I dropped by for a visit and to help walk the alpacas.

[Sorry, this post from back in the winter didn't go live so I'm posting it now.... but since we've had such hot weather I can now view the snow thinking I'd like to stick my sweaty feet in it....]

We put halters and four of them and lead them down the driveway and around the house, making the circuit 4 or 5 times until they relaxed and got used to being lead.

It was a cold and windy day but it was still nice to get outside and get some fresh air.

As we stood at the fence the alpacas, though shy, couldn't resist coming over to sniff us, especially the alpaca scarf that I was wearing.

After getting home and looking at the photos I always struggle to remember all their names.

Their fibre is unforgettable. About 4 inches thick, you can part it with your hands and see the lovely crimp and the warmth of the animal underneath.

They certainly aren't cold outside in the snow.

The males must be kept away from the females because they would constantly be wanting to mate with the females, or fighting amongst each other.

They've got lovely eyes, that are very large and dressed with long lashes.

At the Ziraldos, everyone is well taken care of.

Even the ducks have a heated water dish and a home, er a dog house.

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