Sunday, February 1, 2009

Let it snow!!! Let is snow!!! Let it snow!!!! So we can knit!!!

If you live in the northern part of North America then you're already aware that Canada and some parts of the USA have had tons of snow. Even England had lots of snow.

This time of year I rely on the Weather Channel to keep me up to date on road conditions. I felt some relief when the weather man announced that we're finally in the time of longer days of sunshine. He reminded us of the warming effect of this extra sunshine.

The cats certainly understand this. A long afternoon of very bright sunshine through the window the room is much warmer and the cats all gather to bask in this sunshine. This same effect thankfully will melt the snow or ice off my car if I leave it in the sun.

My nephew Ben from Australia was here all last year. He was using the truck that I currently have. I discovered why the truck's washer fluid wouldn't come out. It was because someone had put just plain old water in the washer fluid tank. Now, no one raised in Canada would do that!!! My Dad was gracious and said that Ben probably bought washer fluid without antifreeze, but I had to add the comment that in Canada they don't sell the washer fluid without the antifreeze. Ben probably did what all Australians do. He grabbed the garden hose and topped up the tank when it was low. Imagine living in a part of the world that doesn't use antifreeze. How strange :) Now I'm trying to think how I'm going to get it to defrost......

At the same time that I keep thinking I'm so tired of winter, enough already I'm reminded that cold weather means wearing the woollies and that means knitting and making more and more woollies because it's so cold. I've got my drop spindle at the office and I've been spinning Margarite's angora fibre.
After all, it's very uncomfortable to knit with super warm fibres in the middle of summer! By then, all you want to deal with are silks, cottons or maybe (just maybe) acrylic.

The Ziraldo Alpaca Farms white roving from Miss Muppet the alpaca is spinning up like a dream. I'm loading my spindle with as much as I can fit. Right now it's one ply, but I'm hoping by week's end I'll have made it into a 2 play. After that I'll happily be knitting on the bus to work and during lunch.

Now for my knitting confession. I have never blocked a knit in my life. I do lay out my knitted garment once it's washed and put it into shape, but I've never done a proper blocking. But I guess you can call it a New Years Resolution or just that I've finally had a sincere knitting ah hah moment. I have decided I will join the ranks of people that block after knitting.

Unfortunately, at the moment that new decision is slowing me down. I have two garments on the go that both require blocking before I can finish them.... so they'll have to wait for the weekend when I can give this whole blocking thing the proper time it deserves (and probably a little Internet research so that I can be sure to do it properly).

Tigger curls up on the mostly completed Taos chunky vest (waiting blocking before finalizing). I'm not certain if he's lying there as a fashion statement because the colours look so good next to his fur or if it's because it's warm--probably both reasons.

This is a blue "Elliott Bunny Vest" from Stacy-Charles. I have a free pattern for this vest. If you want a copy emailed, just leave me a comment with your email and I'll send it to you (I couldn't find a link to it on their site).

I've substituted Rowan Plaid and Tufty yarns instead because I had them on hand and I've been looking for a project to put these two yarns together.

This garment too is awaiting an infamous blocking session with me this weekend.

The angora bunnies have really settled in and now are both housed in bigger cages. I couldn't stand the thought of them being in a small cage all day without much room to move--how incredibly boring. I do try my best to create some entertainment and excitement for them, along with a regular routine and periods of time out of the cage to hop around. I do similar tricks with the cats to help keep them from getting bored (I'll blog on this very soon sharing my tips and tricks for indoor cats).

The rabbits LOVE attention and being groomed and they quickly become jealous of each other if one is getting more attention than the other. I'm certain they can keep count of the time so they know when the other one is getting more attention.

I wonder if it'll snow tomorrow? Mostly likely. Yeah!!!! Knit--knit--knit.

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