Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update on Tom Cat - He's Recovering Nicely

His nose didn't feel right. It was much too dry. I knew something wasn't right there but I thought it best to observe him to see what was happening rather than poke and prod. I knew he'd been through trauma and he'd need time to recover.

A couple days later it became evident what was going on with his nose. The skin was dry feeling becuase it was dead. This dry skin began to peel away, leaving his wet and shiny black nose underneath. I recognized the symptom - it was frost bite on his nose.

Then after having a long nap all afternoon and cleaning himself he got up to leave and I noticed this stamp sized patch of skin sitting on the cat bed. It ws the top layer of his skin, covered in fur. It was dried and I could tell he'd peeled it off himself.... but from where?

I searched his body all over looking, looking, feeling him everywhere. He tolerated this, but I could find no stamp sized bald patch anywhere on his body. (Sorry I know this is kind of gross). So I left him alone. But my mind kept turning it over and over. There HAD to be a stamp sized patch of him that was bare of fur and flesh.

Then I realized there was one spot I had not checked, underneath his legs - his hocks... the part of the leg from behind the paw to the elbow. Sure enough, that whole length of his legs on both sides was very pink and red - freshly healed over with no infection, but all the outer skin and fur was completely gone.

I was thinking what was this? What would make the outer layer of his skin come off? A friction burn? Frostbite? I may never know, but at least the wounds were healing very nicely on their own.

I am left wondering if maybe wherever he got himself shut inside that he could not move well enough to keep himself warm - maybe he had to sit the whole time so his hocks were always on the ground. That may account for the frostbite on the nose - becuase he was unable to tuck his face into his own fur like when a cat curls up to sleep. It's all guesswork. I wish I had CSI around, they'd figure this out in only one episode!

All things considered, I'm now a firm believer that Tom is a miracle cat. He's eating more each day and gaining weight. He's also sleeping more restfully and not jerking awake every few seconds like he did when he first came home.

Thanks so much for all your prayers. They were certainly answered!!!


Lynn said...

Thanks for the update on Tom Cat. Glad to know he's recovering nicely. Isn't it frustrating animals can't tell you where they've been or been into!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I thought I'd bop over and see if you had your bees yet and just read about Tom. Oh my! What an ordeal for both of you. I'm so glad he's home and okay.

Anonymous said...

Soooo glad to hear about Tom Cat's progress. Do keep us updated won't you? I've been worried about the poor lil lad.
Hope things are great in your world and at your spot on the are delightful :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

Tom is getting better each day. I would say he's now back to being his old self ... even quarreling with the neighbour's cat who was let outside after a whole winter indoors. I always find that's when the boys fight - when the seasons and their itineraries change.

Jan Mader said...

First of all, I'm so glad that Tom Cat is recovering. He's one lucky guy.

I just love reading about Tom. It's funny, because I've started a blog about's almost ready to go...I have three dogs and two horses. For the first time in a long time, I don't have a cat...unless of course you count the litters of kittens I foster every summer...bottles and all.

Also, while I'm thinking about it...if you don't mind, I'd love to share your post about spring on my weekend blog post. It was terrific! Is that okay? Jan

Jan Mader said...

Animals give us far more than we can ever give them. Just a quick bio...My dad died when I was nine. My mom, was sick too...she didn't live much longer. My sister and I had each other and our dogs and cats. They were our main source of love.

My dad was a wonderful man. One of the things I remember him saying is, "Show me a man who doesn't love a dog and I'll show you a man who is no good."

Now that may be a little drastic, but you can see where my animal passion comes from.

There are loads of stories I can share. Most of them are funny...not sad. Hope you'll share yours too! Jan

Jan Mader said...

Thanks to my SIL, I've figured out how to leave you the Kreativ Blogger Award! Go here to pick it up:

I enjoy your blog so much!