Monday, April 6, 2009


A couple weekends ago I went back to the Ziraldo's Farm ( to help with their alpaca halter training again.

Baby Evangeline was old enough to be with the older babies so she had been taken away from her mother and put with the other babies a week or so ago.

She did cry for a few days but then she settled in with her new friends.

We ushered them into a shed where Debbie and I put their halters on. I noticed right away how calm they were, especially Pumpkin.

They were learning the routine and becoming less nervous as a result.

I was most impressed with Pumpkin's progress. Not once did she lie down and refuse to move. She was very well behaved and walked along willingly.

Last time Pumpkin was quite the drama queen, throwing herself to the ground and rolling over. She even went so far as to stick her legs up in the air.
Baby Evangeline (the small white female) was a real sweetie and she walked along very well, taking everything in stride.

As we walked by the paddock the female alpacas came to the fence to greet us.


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You blog doesn't sound like meanderings of the mind to's lovely. And you can spin??? I'm so jealous.....
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Thanks for your comments Reggie Girl. I've read your comments too on Barry's blog and I'll certainly visit your site :)